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Abstracts and Conference presentations

  • K Katundu, LT Hill, LM Davids, IA Joubert, M Miller, JL Piercy, WL Michell Vitamin C status, oxidative stress, hyperglycaemia and fluid and inotrope requirements in patients with septic shock. Abstract submitted to WFSICCM Conference, Durban Aug 2013
  • LT Hill, K Katundu, LM Davids, IA Joubert, M Miller, JL Piercy, WL Michell Endothelial dysfunction is associated with oxidative stress and illness severity in septic shock. Abstract submitted to WFSICCM Conference, Durban Aug 2013
  • Hill LT, Katundu K, Adam F, Davids LM, Joubert I, Miller M, Piercy J, Michell WL. Oxidative stress and vitamin C status in septic shock. SAJCC Aug 2012 vol 28 no1:33
  • Hill LT, Miller N, Miller M, Michell WL. Antioxidant supplementation in the critically ill - a systematic review. SAJCC July 2011 Vol 27 no 1: 24
  • Hill LT, Eastman L, Miller M, Michell WL. Hypoglycaemic episodes in critically ill patients being managed with an insulin infusion protocol: a prospective study. SAJCC July 2011 Vol 27 no 1: 24